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Things to Consider While Startting an Air Conditioning service

Life is made easier when one can request a service and get it delivered to him or her at one’s place of comfort. One’s home should be a place of comfort. Comfort is what everyone loves. Gone were the days when one needs to exercise full endurance in the wake of an excruciating heat. Rapid development in engineering and technology, in the twentieth century, provided man with an equipment to cool a home. The air conditioner makes living in homes conducive and convenient.

There are now many services that make our living worthwhile. Such is the case of the air conditioning service. It can be traced back to when commercial air conditioning system began, and there is been a tremendous improvement in services rendered today. Are you thinking of joining the home improvement sector by starting an air conditioning service? Here are some tips for you to get started.

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Starting an air conditioning service

  • Like every other business, you will need to make a decision and stand by it through thick and thin. Your firm resolution will help you stay focus during turbulent times.
  • Make sure you have your starting capital ready. You don’t want your progress to be hampered by lack of funds.
  • Getting certification from the necessary agency (like the Air Conditioning Contractors of America) could take a while. But if you have a good knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning, there will not be much problem.
  • Register your business. It is vital you have your business registered with the relevant agency. This will provide the authorization to start the business.
  • Look for a trustworthy supplier. There are many places to get your products from, but it is vital you get a supplier with a good track record.
  • Hire professional personnel. For clients’ air conditioner repair, getting skilled personnel will help you provide quality service and make yourself a brand.
  • Promotion and promotion! It is of vital importance that you get a good marketing strategy. The competition might be stiff, but a good promotion of your service can carve out your own niche.

Finding the best air conditioning service provider

It’s easy to be at loss with the myriads of air conditioning service providers around. Here is a detailed tip on how to find and hire a good service provider.

  • Ask around. That’s the first things to do. Recommendations from friends and neighbor is the start. Make a comprehensive list of service providers from their recommendations.
  • Find out about each service provider. The internet is your friend, search out customers’ remark about each recommended air conditioning service provider. Don’t also forget to ask your neighbor of any misgiving they have about any of the companies.
  • Make contact. It is certain that after the above step, you would have narrowed your list to few companies. Make contact with the companies and ask relevant questions about their licensing status, customer and home service, a guaranty to take full responsibility in case something goes wrong, and their price.

Following those steps should give you enough information to choose the best air conditioning service provider.


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The Importance of Air Conditioning Service

You no longer have to be at the mercy of the prevailing environmental temperatures while you are in your house or office. Simply get an air conditioner, which offers you comfort by stabilizing the room temperatures, removing moisture and improving your physical and intellectual throughput while working. Available in different sizes, models, shapes and capacities, you could get the air conditioners that are normally fitted on windows or the split models which have a compressor compartment fitted outside the room and an evaporator or blower fitted inside the room. The latter is more tasteful and less noisy. So how do these devices work anyway?

Most air conditioners have a refrigeration cycle system which transfers heat from a cold region to a hot region. This system requires some energy to do this, which is mostly provided for by electricity. You end up having a cool room throughout, as long as the air conditioner is on. Moreover, your device could do the opposite by warming a cold room as long as it was manufactured with a heat pump system. Other types of air conditioners operate on the evaporation principle which cools air in the room through evaporation of water. This normally doesn’t use as much energy as the refrigeration cycle system. A more advanced air conditioner would use the free heating and cooling system which mainly utilizes the cool air outside the room to cool water. This water is then used in the air conditioning system. Better still, some devices are fitted with liquid or solid desiccants to remove moisture from the room.

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One notable attribute of air conditioning services is that they eliminate the possibility of having allergens such as pollen grains in the room, thus improving the quality of air fanned in. Furthermore, the low temperatures offered by these systems prevent the infestation of the house with parasites and insects. While cooling the house reduces the risk of dehydration due to hot temperatures, it however poses a risk of transmission of respiratory infections and conjunctivitis if not properly cleaned and maintained by the users. Basic hygiene and proper sanitation is therefore recommended for people using these cooling systems.

Should you decide to purchase an air conditioner, what are the key features to look out for? Of undeniable significance is the cooling capacity of the system, referred to as tonnage. The more the tonnage, the higher the amount of heat that can be removed per hour, and consequently the higher the energy costs. A system of one  ton can cool air at 12,000 BTU( British Thermal Units), a two ton system at 24,000 BTU and so on. The power consumption of the system is also significant. A one ton system should have a power rating (A.C) of an average of 1200 Watts, of which if it consumes significantly more, the system is inefficient. Some systems come with an inverter along the compressor that allows you to continually regulate temperatures depending on your preferences, but some do not. You could also consider the star rating of the system and the available space for installation in your house.

Air conditioning systems are usually available for purchase in shops worldwide or from online platforms such Amazon, Jumia, Flipkart, Bestbuy or simply on Google Express with the brands varying from Samsung, Carrier Corporation, Daikin, LG, Haier and many more.

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Why Heating Service is Important For Your Home

Hot water is necessary for you when it is getting winter. It can affect your normal daily routine if your heater is inconsistent and ineffective. Furthermore, this may raise your monthly utility bills. So, rather than ignoring your heater problems or letting them to persist, you should contact a professional heater service for a smart and cost-effective work that will benefit your home not only today but also in the near future. So it is better for you to a regular heater service in order to keep the heater working perfectly.

Benefits of Professional Heater Service

  1. Lower Energy Bills

A struggling heater can’t function as effectively as a well-maintained one. When your water heater, for instance, requires cleaning, repairs, or any other maintenance work, it is going to struggle delivering the hot water you need should you open your tap. This implies you are more likely to run your water longer in order to reach the temperature you need. This in turn is going to waste water while at the same time raise your water bills. Since the heater also is using more energy to achieve the needed results, also the energy bill is going to skyrocket.

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Hiring the services of a professional heater service is some one-time-cost which ultimately will let you save money over a long period of time since the heater is going to utilize less less energy in heating water as well as delivering it quicker for less overall waste.

  1. Consistent $ High-Quality Hot Water

A water heater that needs repair simply cannot meet your daily normal demands. If your heater requires repairs, you might experience inconsistent hot water which makes cleaning and bathing uncomfortable or difficult. Furthermore, a dirty water heater having significant mineral buildup that affect the tank or the heating element might send some of the buildup to the tank together with the hot water. Consequently, this is going to result in hot water which is rusty and metallic-tasting, or that which retains unpleasant smell. But all these problems may be easily, quickly and effectively solved by a professional heater service. This will allow you to enjoy your cleaning and bathing when you have a clean and consistent hot water

  1. Convenience

Repairing your own heater is not easy. It’s also time consuming. Improper repairs also can present a safety concern when gas lines are not properly handled. Therefore, a professional heater service will provide the convenience of letting some professional to do the work. This in turn allows you to spend your effort and time elsewhere, and you also have a peace of mind which comes with knowing the heater repairs are handled safely and effectively. Trusting your heater repair service requirements will also let you benefit from their service guarantee that covers the scope of work in case a problem crops up. You will not have to pay for any extra cost to address issues like labor or any other problem that might arise after the work.

A professional heater service is the best way that you may benefit from optimal performance you need from your home’s heating system. What you need to do is to get their contact details and do not hesitate to call them immediately you experience heating problems.


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Top 3 Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning in Schools

For many years, activities in the school have been heavily depended by the weather. In fact, whether it snows before a scheduled field trip or a picnic affected by rain, there is not really much we can do to improve it. However, air conditioning installation is an effective way to offer a productive, safe, and comfortable environment for the teachers and children to work and play within a confined area.

Why temperatures matter?

Many studies have found out that higher temperature might result in aggressive behaviors in the school. In addition, those students who are frequently exposed to a temperature above 27 degrees often have a poor performance in the exams compared to those people who are working and studying in a cool area.

As many important school exams and activities are organized in the summer semester, it is necessary that every school should make the classrooms comfortable to help their students play and concentrate better.

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Benefits of installing air conditioning in the schools

Air conditioning installation is a good way to help both students and staff feel comfortable in the learning environment. Below are a couple of benefits of installing an air conditioning system in educational institutions:

  1. Bring comfortable feelings to students and staff

When it comes to teaching space, many schools come with limited resources, particularly when the number of students is rapidly increasing. As a result, the overall temperatures in the classroom might get intolerable. Thus, air conditioning installation might make everyone feel comfortable in a crowded area.

Tips: Many schools make use of portable air conditioners that are often convenient in a couple of areas. However, those machines might only have an impact on a small area of the school. Thus, it is important to install the right air conditioning system to ensure the stability of temperature during the hot days.

  1. Improve the concentration

Being exposed to a high temperature might automatically switch the brain of students from focusing on the lectures to cooling down. In other words, pupils are able to concentrate better in a cool area. For this reason, installing an air conditioning system might be a great option to ensure the quality of learning and teaching in schools.

  1. Enhance the flexibility

As the concentration level improves, a teacher would be able to deliver more intellectually demanding lectures even in the boiling hot days of the summer. Thus, he or she will do the daily tasks more effectively. Similarly, students might be willing to return to the classrooms during the summer term.

How to keep the costs and heat down

Many schools worry that they could not keep up with the costs of using air conditioning systems in the summer. Nevertheless, this is not actually true. By using deducted air conditioning units, they do not only reduce the expenses but also keep the classrooms cool at various intervals from the only point. In other words, any teacher or student can switch off an air conditioner that is not in use or already cool to save the energy.

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The Benefits of Installing Ducted Heating and Cooling Units

Choosing the best heating and cooling device is always a great challenge for most homeowners. There are many brands and models out there on the market, a phenomenon that makes the prospect of finding the best device a virtually impossible task. The right heating and cooling unit should be affordable, durable and energy-efficient. What’s more, the perfect heating unit should be able to meet your home’s heating and cooling requirements. Finally, a great heating device should always function to keep your monthly heating costs as low as possible.

If you are currently searching for the perfect heating and cooling system to suit your heating needs, you are in the right place. In the last few years, ducted heating systems have gained lots of popularity thanks to the high level of efficiency. They offer the best option to people living in extremely cold regions. Modern ducted heating units are packed with lots of impressive features and can equally be customized to meet individual home heating demands.

So how does a ducted unit functions?

First and foremost, it is critical to mention that ducted heating units consist of a heating component, a thermostat which enables you to regulate the amount of heating in your house. They also feature insulated ducts that run from where your heating device is installed into the multiple rooms in your house. One good thing with ducted heating units is that they allow you to set desired temperatures for your multiple rooms, depending on recommended heating requirements.

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The overall process of how such cooling and heating units function is equally straightforward and easy to understand. Typically, they circulate the air into your home via the return grills. This air is then transported to the heating chamber to be warmed. Once the air has achieved the optimum temperatures, it is again circulated back into your home through the vents and ducts where it keeps your rooms warm according to designated temperatures.

Why would homeowners want to install ducted heating and cooling units?

There are a number of possible reasons why you would want to install a ducted heating unit. Check out below for some of the advantages offered by this incredible heating system.

Ducted units are easy to install: Unlike other sophisticated heating devices such as a central air conditioner, ducted units are easy to install. However, this does not entirely imply that you must conduct the installation process on your own. You still must seek the help of a highly qualified professional for assistance who will be able to ensure that whole process is a success. As we previously mentioned, choosing the right heating is never an easy task. There is lots of research involved, and this means you have to depend on a professional to help you acquire the right model.

Improved air quality: Studies have shown that ducted air conditioning units do produce the dry air and this means that they are less likely to cause any form of discomfort such as breathing problems. They are known to provide high-quality air, which not only warms your house but is problem-free as well. What’s more, the outdoor unit is usually installed outside, a phenomenon that ensures that all the bad smell and fume do not enter into your house. Finally, the warm air regularly circulates through a series of filters, and this ensures that every reasonably larger particle gets trapped in them.

Ducted air conditioning units guarantee versatility: Any HVAC expert will confirm to you that ducted heating and cooling units can potentially operate in nearly every type of weather. Your home heating system should be versatile, serving you during all seasons. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on a unit that won’t keep you warm during the cold weather. Ducted heating systems are not only energy efficient, but versatile as well.

Extremely energy efficient: You don’t want to invest your money in a cooling unit that is likely to raise your monthly energy bills and this the reason why most homeowners are more concerned with the monthly operating cost of any heating unit. Ducted heating units, especially gas-ducted ones, are not only environmentally-friendly but energy efficient as well. When used correctly, ducted units can potentially reduce your monthly energy consumption incredibly.

They offer ease of use: These cooling and heating systems are easy to operate and flexible as well. For instance, you can set the thermostat to heat only the rooms you want. It is such high levels of flexibility that ensures that the rooms that you are not using remains closed off and this ensures that small amount of energy is consumed.

If you are currently seeking to install a heating unit, then you have every reason to go for a ducted heating unit. These are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.


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Top Reasons to Invest in Ducted Heaters

Many people are familiar with that feeling of getting home to a chilly house that has no difference from the outside. Some even never want to wake up in the morning because it is just too cold, with the blankets and layers of clothes not doing too much to help.

These are the times that call for top-notch heating systems that will keep you warm affordably and efficiently. Amongst the best options in the market today are the ducted heaters. These are suitable for homes as well as places of work. Reasons to go for this option include:

They Are Versatile

Shoppers can choose from multiple options when they want to take advantage of ducted heating. It implies you can install a unit under the floor, on the roof, or even outdoors if you so wish. Note that the heating units can fit well in large or small offices alike making them an ideal solution for your business or home.

They Are Cost-Efficient

At first, most people confuse the heaters to be quite costly. However, the savings that property owner shaves off or repairs make them a worthwhile purchase that is affordable. It is because of the high level of energy efficiency that it presents.

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Keep in mind that the running costs of the heaters are also low. Choosing highly energy efficient models also means that you will be looking at lower energy bills.

Some Options Can Heat And Cool

There is a possibility of getting the ducted heaters together with an add-on air conditioner. It is beneficial because you will be in a position to enjoy coolness when it is hot and warmth during cold seasons. It is an excellent investment that you can use during any season with just a one-off installation cost.

Installation Process Is Not Complicated

One of the primary perks of investing in ducted heating systems is the fact that they provide fuss-free installation. It will only take one day to complete the entire process where you can proceed to use the units the next day.

It implies that you will also benefit from fewer disruptions as well as fewer trade call-out costs. Note that the faster that you install heating system, the quicker you can start enjoying the comforts that it brings to the homes.

They Are Excellent For Individuals With Allergies Or Asthma

Numerous climate control solutions cause problems for the people who have allergies or asthma. They can spread allergens and dust in the entire home. Ducted heaters are somewhat different because they can filter and eliminate potential irritants.

Furthermore, the option does not produce dry air, which can cause irritations to those who have naturally dry eyes or skin.

They Are Safe And Discreet

Sadly some heating systems cause risks of burns particularly for pets, young children, or the elderly. Ducted heating does not have any ignition points or naked flames, and most importantly the heaters are out of reach. They are also discreet in that they do not waste space or present tripping hazards.

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What to Look For in an Air Conditioning Unit

Have you finally decided to purchase an air conditioning unit for your home? Let us help you with a quick guide on the things you should look for when it comes to buying an air conditioner or looking for a local ac repair.

1. A few quick tips and tricks before you start looking for an air conditioner:
1. Go shopping for your next air conditioner during the colder months. In winter in particular, most appliance centers might run promotions providing big price deductions on off-season appliances such as air conditioners. Additionally, there are less chances for various air conditioner models to be out of stock, as there wouldn’t be a clamor for them during that time.
2. Consult with your electrician before your go for ac repair and service, and ask for his advice on what type of air conditioning system you should install in your home.
3. Read consumer reviews online for your shortlisted air conditioning units. More than any kind of specifications sheet, product reviews from actual users will be a great indication of the performance and quality of a specific air conditioner. Of course, you must always take various consumer reviews with a grain of salt, but it’s still a great way to get an initial read on potential air conditioning units.
4. Compare air conditioning units spec-by-spec online to get a better understanding of which air conditioners fulfill your needs the most.

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2. Here are a few factors you should look for in an air conditioning unit:
1. A high energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating.

Air conditioning companies are always finding ways to make their new products more energy efficient than previous ones, so you have a better chance at finding air conditioning units with better EER ratings in newer air conditioner models.

2. A specifications list that matches your home’s cooling requirements.

Before you go shopping and scouting for air conditioning systems, be sure you’ve listed your specific list of cooling requirements for your home. And use this list as your guide when you look through the many air conditioner companies available to you.  

3. A long warranty period that provides full coverage.

Already found the perfect air conditioners that fulfills all your needs? Don’t forget to check on the warranty its manufacturer provides as well as its scope. These days the warranty for various air conditioning units usually go for one to at most two years, and this would include the replacement of parts as well as labor.

4. Positive user feedback.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it’s important to see if your chosen air conditioner received mostly positive reviews. But the high average rating isn’t the only number you should look into: make sure to check how many reviews the air conditioner has gotten. The more reviews it has received, the more believable the rating.

5. Ideally your air conditioning unit also has the following features:

– A timer and sleep mode

– An indicator light to notify you if the air conditioning unit’s filter needs cleaning or replacing

– An energy saver function

– Oscillating vents that can evenly cool your space.

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Cool Your Home With The Highly Energy Efficient, Two-Stage Air Conditioner

It is imperative that you should always take great care of your cooling and heating unit. By taking care of your HVAC device, you’ll not only be enhancing its efficiency but, you’ll also be cutting down your energy costs significantly. What’s more, it would possibly make your cooling machine last for an extended period.

There are a few things that you can do to help maintain your air conditioning. This may involve checking your air filters, cleaning your equipment regularly, keeping the area around the unit clear and perhaps scheduling a routine air conditioning technician inspection.

Air conditioners are available in a wide variety of options, ranging from complex whole-house zoned units, ductless to forced-air and window units. Some homeowners are quite familiar with nearly all types of air conditioners named above. However, there is one particular type that most of you haven’t ever heard of. This is the two-stage cooling and heating system. So today in this particular post, we want to discuss in excruciating details, all you need to know regarding about this new fantastic type of air conditioner.

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So what is a two-stage air conditioner?

If you are an individual seeking to replace his or her old or damaged cooling and heating unit, then you should seriously consider investing in a two-stage HVAC unit. Typically, this unique heating and cooling unit have a superb compressor, and this is perhaps what sets it apart from the rest. It is imperative to mention that the conventional air conditioners usually run at a single speed only and that is at high speed. This implies that it may be quite difficult to regulate how much you would want to cool your house. Simply put, standard AC usually cycles on at full blast, regardless of whether you need that much cold air or not. As you would guess, this equates to a substantial amount of wasted electricity.

However, a two-stage air conditioning is highly versatile and runs at two distinct speeds. You can operate it at both high and low speeds. What’s more, this incredibly advanced cooling and heating system typically utilises a variable speed air handler to regulate the amount of air that comes into your home thus offering your ideal comfort as well as unmatched energy efficiency.

It is imperative to note that this particular air conditioner usually operates at a relatively lower speed nearly ninety percent of the time. One good thing is that even at this speed, a two-stage air conditioner still meets the cooling and heating requirements of your home. Besides, it would still be able to keep your house cool while running at fairly lower speed during the hot season.

With the functionality to ramp up its cooling capacity, a two-stage cooling and heating unit adjusts accordingly to your home’s requirements when the temperatures soar. To be more precise, when the temperature rises and humidity increases, a two-stage compressor immediately responds and adjusts its output to a relatively higher speed to help the device keep up with your cooling demand.

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So what are some of the benefits of installing a two-stage air conditioner?

There are lots of potential benefits that you’ll enjoy when you invest in a high-quality two-stage cooling and heating system.

Increased durability: A compressor that usually shuts off or on more regularly is subject to greater tear and wear, a phenomenon that eventually reduces its lifecycle. However, with reduced instances of on/off cycling, the two-stage AC units are likely to serve you for longer periods.

Increased efficiency: This is arguably the most important factor that should make you consider this type of cooling and heating device. The air conditioner is extremely energy efficient, and this is primarily because the unit comes equipped with a variable speed air handler that simultaneously regulates the amount of air that moves into your house. This functionality not only provides you with the ultimate experience regarding comfort but equally saves you a significant amount of energy.

Unmatched humidity regulation: When your air conditioner operates continuously, it can potentially dehumidify the air much better. Most of the conventional ACs feature a compressor that may not be able to draw water vapour from the air inside your house appropriately. However, bearing in mind that a two-stage compressor functions continuously, they usually give the coils adequate time to remove the water vapour from your home.

Though a two-stage air conditioner is extremely versatile and comes with other lots of benefits as well, you are still encouraged to ensure that you conduct regular air conditioner service and annual inspection. All experts agree that this is when you can help extend the overall lifecycle of your unit.


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Vital Questions To Ask when Getting Quotation for Air Conditioning Installation

It is wise to get quotes from several professionals when you want to install a new air conditioning unit. It helps to identify the expert with reasonable charges. You will end up saving money by avoiding exploitative companies.

Before settling on the final estimate figure for air conditioning installation, there are several questions you should ask the experts including:

What System Capacity or Size Will Suit My Needs Best

The professional should be in a position to accurately evaluate your needs. Using the information, they should let you know the perfect product that your home needs for efficient cooling. Do not just take their word for it as they should explain in simple terms how they decided that a particular size is what you require. Other expert advice that they should give you include things like:

  •        Best brands to consider
  •        If there is any new technology that you should consider
  •        Is the option the professionals are recommending energy efficient
  •        The price of getting the new unit and where to spot the best bargains

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The Amount Of Time They Need

You will probably be anxious about starting to use your new unit as soon as possible. Ask the heating and air conditioning repair expert installers the time they will take to complete air conditioning installation. It is best to work with professionals who are focused and will not keep you waiting for weeks.

You can also ask about the number of technicians that will be working on the installation process. Do not agree to work with a company that only sends one individual because it may take him/her too much time, which you may not have.

Whether Their Company Operates Legally

No one wants to work with experts who will bring them trouble. It is, therefore, important to confirm that the professionals you want to work with have all the necessary papers that they need to run their business legally.

Confirm that they have insurance; bonds, proper training, and can handle applying for any permits that they need to proceed with the job.

The Payment Terms

Never forget to ask about their payment schedules so that everyone is on the same page. Excellent service providers never ask for the entire amount upfront. They come up with a deposit figure, and you pay the rest when they complete the task satisfactorily.

Confirm if there are any tax credits or rebates available to people who install new systems. It can help to cut costs and give you some financial reprieve.

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What Guarantee Does The Company Make?

Never work with professionals who are not sure about the ac repair and service work they do. In most cases, they end up doing a shoddy job that you will regret.

You are better off working with companies that offer a guarantee as it shows that they trust their work. It also gives you a safety net knowing that you will not have to pay extra to correct their mistakes.

Where possible, have the answers that the air conditioning contractors give you in writing. The binding contract will ensure that you have something to fall back on if there are any problems in the future.


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Some Facts About Air Conditioning Installation Worth Knowing

As much as an air conditioner is a must in today’s sweltering heat, there are still some people who are hesitant about an air conditioner installation because of some AC related misinformation.

The most obvious misinformation is they fear receiving an expensive energy bill at the end of the month. While your energy bill does increase upon using an air conditioner, you can at least reduce the amount of increase, and enjoy some cool comfort with the following tips.

If you return home after a long day outdoors, and your house is too hot for comfort, the first thing you do is increase the cold air perhaps by setting the thermostat to a low temperature like 68 till your home cools down.

However this is not that useful as it doesn’t help quickly deliver cold air but only creates higher energy bills. What you actually have to do is set the thermostat to a constant, comfortable temperature like 74.

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Air conditioners are not trees

Another piece of misinformation about air conditioning installation is that AC units produce cold air! This is far from the truth as if AC units really did produce cold air; we would no longer need trees! On the contrary, AC units take in warm air from the surroundings and cool it using an evaporator coil. The coil absorbs heat to release cool, dehumidified air.

Not many realize that there are various factors which determine, and affect an air conditioning installation. It’s only if your AC unit is installed in the proper position will it cool your home with minimum energy consumption.

Warm air is light

As cool air is heavier than warm air, it’s better to have your AC unit’s air outlet installed as close to the ceiling as possible for optimal cooling. When installed, its louvres should point upwards or horizontally as it’s pointing downwards only heats the room.

Make sure your air conditioning unit’s outdoor unit is installed on firm base like a concrete slab. If not, it should be attached to the wall using sturdy brackets. It’s even better if it is placed somewhere near the indoor AC unit, preferably within 15m distance.

Your AC needs shade too

You can reduce your AC energy consumption just by providing some shade to your air conditioners outdoor unit. This prevents the extra heat of direct sunlight falling onto it, which in turn makes your AC work more to cool the hotter air. So it’s better installing air conditioner on a southern wall, or preferably provide an awning to it.

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You need to choose the right sized AC for your home as you don’t want to buy an air conditioner which eventually overworks or under works while cooling your home. Your HVAC expert is the best person to help you decide.

Last, but not least, your home’s ductwork and airflow effects your AC’s energy consumption. There shouldn’t be any leaks in the ductwork as a leak proves expensive with time as energy is wasted through it. It’s also important to have good airflow around your AC unit so that it pulls in and filters the outdoor air to give you healthier and cooler air with minimum energy consumption.