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3 Signs That It’s Time To Call Your Water Heater Technician

A hot bath is really relaxing and soothing especially after a long, tiring day. While your heater faithfully heats water for you, wear and tear may someday give it problems. There are some signs you should look out for, indicating it’s time to call your heater technician.

Not getting enough hot water

The last thing you need happening while having a hot shower is running out of the water while showering. There are two possible reasons for this. The heater may not be providing sufficient hot water because it’s undersized and too small to cater to your family’s hot water needs or because you had recently installed a high-flow shower head that consumes more water. You obviously don’t need to call a technician in this situation!

However, if the thermostat and it’s heating elements grow faulty, you may not get enough hot water. Most heaters are designed so that the lower element is connected to the upper one. You don’t receive any hot water at all if both elements are not functioning. However, if the upper element is functioning, but not the lower element, you receive limited hot water, and not as much water as you usually get.

Funny Noises

Your heater may make these funny noises because water is heated to extreme temperatures in the heater’s small, pressurized tank. However, it’s when you get a huge racket whenever you shower that you have to call your heater technician to ensure nothing major is wrong with the heater.

The crackling, gurgling or popping sound you hear from your water heater may be due to the tank’s expansion and contraction in normal operation, or due to heated water passing through a small hole in the sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank.

If you hear screeching or screaming sounds from the heater, it’s usually due to lots of water forced through the small hole of an improperly opened valve. However, if the noise sounds more like a high-pitched whine then it may due to scale build-up on the heating element.

You, however, have to call your heater technician immediately if the heater makes bubbling or boiling sounds as it may be because of overheated water or because there’s a huge buildup of pressure in the heater.

Water is coloured

If your hot water has a funny colour, first check to find out if the cold water to gives coloured water. If it does, your water source is the culprit. However, if only hot water is coloured, then it may be due to the following problems.

Water may get rusty because the anodes or tank has corroded. While all metals rust in water, magnesium and aluminium are more reactive and are used in heaters to protect and extend the tank’s lifespan. However, you need to replace them periodically to prevent rusting.

There’s nothing much to worry if the water is dirty as it may be due to small debris or scale build-up on heating elements. Your heater technician will flush the tank, and clean the elements to solve the problem.

If you notice these three signs, it means it’s time to call your heater technician to check and repair your water heater.