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Does Location Affect Your Heater Installation Cost

Fed up of all the heater repairs over the years? Are you thinking of replacing your heater as it’s more than 10 years old now? If this is the case, you naturally wonder how much heater installation costs in 2017, which is explained below.

Homeowners generally have to spend about $850-$2500 for installing a water heater, including the labour and heater costs. There are various factors that influence the installation costs like the type of heater installed, its size and capacity, power type and complexity of the installation job.

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1. Tankless heaters cost more to install

As mentioned above, the type of heater affects the cost of heating repair. The installation is rather easy and straightforward if you are installing a regular, gas type heater, especially to replaces similar older one with a new model. In this case, you may not have to pay more than $300-$450 for the installation.

You, however, have to pay about $1200 to install a tankless gas heater as this is a more time-consuming process. You may have to pay even more if you opt to switch from a tank to a tankless style of the heater as your existing meter, gas piping and gas line to the meter may not accommodate the tankless heater’s high gas load.

You may also have to retrofit the existing gas line, install a new gas line if needed, install the right venting system and in some cases, also need some electrical wiring to be done. Based on your basement and ventilation, you may also have to change your existing gas, water and even electricity lines as the gas tankless heater can’t be vented into the chimney as it needs a direct exterior vent. You thus have to spend at least $1500-$3500 for labour costs.

2. Location is a factor too

Even if you switch to an electric tankless unit, your heating and cooling technician has lots of work like rewiring and expanding your home’s existing system to handle the heater’s extra power consumption. This costs at least $1000 to $1500, but can also reach $3000 if there is more labour involved like opening walls.

Your heater installation costs also depend on where you live as its 15-25% higher in high-income suburban areas like San Francisco and Miami when compared to the lower-income groups.

3. Beware of scams

Be careful of unreasonable pricing scams where some plumbers may charge extra by offering to buy your hot water heater for you and then include their labour charges in the total cost. So you may end up paying much more for even a simple installation.

The best way to avoid this is by getting 3-4 estimates from local professionals, asking them what they will be doing during your heater installation, and then compare costs. It also helps if you do your own online research and ask friends or neighbours who have recently installed heaters.

With all this research, you not only know how much to expect while installing your heater, but even your plumbers will also think twice before pulling a scam on you as they know you are quite well-versed with the factors influencing a heater installation costs.

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