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The Importance of Air Conditioning Service

You no longer have to be at the mercy of the prevailing environmental temperatures while you are in your house or office. Simply get an air conditioner, which offers you comfort by stabilizing the room temperatures, removing moisture and improving your physical and intellectual throughput while working. Available in different sizes, models, shapes and capacities, you could get the air conditioners that are normally fitted on windows or the split models which have a compressor compartment fitted outside the room and an evaporator or blower fitted inside the room. The latter is more tasteful and less noisy. So how do these devices work anyway?

Most air conditioners have a refrigeration cycle system which transfers heat from a cold region to a hot region. This system requires some energy to do this, which is mostly provided for by electricity. You end up having a cool room throughout, as long as the air conditioner is on. Moreover, your device could do the opposite by warming a cold room as long as it was manufactured with a heat pump system. Other types of air conditioners operate on the evaporation principle which cools the air in the room through evaporation of water. This normally doesn’t use as much energy as the refrigeration cycle system. A more advanced air conditioner would use the free heating and cooling system which mainly utilizes the cool air outside the room to cool water. This water is then used in the air conditioning system. Better still, some devices are fitted with liquid or solid desiccants to remove moisture from the room.

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One notable attribute of air conditioning service is that they eliminate the possibility of having allergens such as pollen grains in the room, thus improving the quality of air fanned in. Furthermore, the low temperatures offered by these systems prevent the infestation of the house with parasites and insects. While cooling the house reduces the risk of dehydration due to hot temperatures, it, however, poses a risk of transmission of respiratory infections and conjunctivitis if not properly cleaned and maintained by the users. Basic hygiene and proper sanitation are therefore recommended for people using these cooling systems.

Should you decide to purchase an air conditioner, what are the key features to look out for? Of undeniable significance is the cooling capacity of the system, referred to as tonnage. The more the tonnage, the higher the amount of heat that can be removed per hour, and consequently the higher the energy costs. A system of one ton can cool air at 12,000 BTU( British Thermal Units), a two-ton system at 24,000 BTU and so on. The power consumption of the system is also significant. A one-ton system should have a power rating (A.C) of an average of 1200 Watts, of which if it consumes significantly more, the system is inefficient. Some systems come with an inverter along with the compressor that allows you to continually regulate temperatures depending on your preferences, but some do not. You could also consider the star rating of the system and the available space for installation in your house.

Air conditioning systems are usually available for purchase in shops worldwide or from online platforms such Amazon, Jumia, Flipkart, Bestbuy or simply on Google Express with the brands varying from Samsung, Carrier Corporation, Daikin, LG, Haier and many more.