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Torrential Rainfall in City? – Learn How to Service Your Air Conditioner

air conditioning serviceAll of us have experienced days when it rains cats and dogs. With heavy rains that hit your city, there are high chances that excess water hampers your air conditioner. Prevent damages caused by overflowing waters by taking simple timely measures. Here is how-

  • Safety first – There are no two ways about it. Yes, it is important to clear up clogged water from your appliance. However, before you hop into the task, be cautioned about the risks and think for a while about the possible dangers. The first step must be to switch off the power supply to your air conditioner. You may turn off the main switch of the house to disconnect electric supply or you may simply turn off the aircon’s electric switch. That will disconnect the appliance from the circuit.
  • Seek expert help – Professional assistance is irreplaceable. If you feel that disconnecting electric supply might be hazardous for you, call for professional help. They will arrive with the right gadgets and equipment to assess your HVAC appliance and the electrical circuit. They will be able to help you analyze whether your air conditioner is in a repairable condition or it has been severely damaged. In case of extreme damage, they might ask you to replace the appliance for your safety.

In order to determine whether you must call for an air conditioning repair service or look for a replacement, you need to consider three primary factors as follows:

  • Water clogging – Assess how much water has clogged in the ducts, pipes or external parts of the AC. Additionally, calculate an approximate time this water has been within the system. The longer the clogging duration, the higher is the severity of damage.
  • Electricity Supply Duration – As soon as it comes to your notice that your AC is affected by heavy rainfall, turn off the electricity supply. Longer electricity flowing through the circuit during harsh rains may lead to greater damage.
  • Debris, Insect matter, particles in the appliance – Excessive clogging due to dirt and debris that comes with heavy winds and rain also makes the appliance dysfunctional. The solution to this is calling for air conditioning repair expert advice. If it can easily be cleared, then it can be made functional by a simple replacement.

air conditioning service

If conditions are favourable for air conditioning repair, then call for expert air conditioning services. Take care to maintain a hazard-free environment while repair. Here are some tips for the same-

  • Switch off the electrical switches and pull out air conditioner plugs from sockets
  • Wipe/ drain excess water. Give sufficient time for the air conditioner to dry.
  • Seek professional assistance to inspect the aircon and wiring
  • Get your air conditioner inspected, cleaned and lubricated by an expert. Further, seek in depth consultation about repair, servicing and price estimates of the same.

Irrespective of whatever the circumstance might be, keep safety first. Do not hurry or panic. Replace air filters and furnace filters of the situation so demands. This will help you keep away the risk of indoor air pollution.