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Troubleshooting Carrier Air Conditioning Problems

air conditioning serviceApparently, Carrier air conditioners are popular due to their unrivalled reliability coupled with their incredible warranty. This is the peace of mind you get when you purchase a Carrier AC. However, you can save lots of time by identifying problems associated with your AC and troubleshooting them on your own. Such problems may involve cleaning the filters, clearing the return-air grilles, and some less severe power related issues. On the other hand, you should be in a position to tell when the problems are more serious and complicated, such as when the indoor unit fan emits hot air or if it stops working suddenly. Such kind of issues are usually complex and might need to be handled by a professional Carrier air conditioner service technician.

It is true that air conditioners often require decent professional maintenance. However, there are numerous minor problems which you can easily fix yourself.

In this post, you are going to learn how to troubleshoot your way out of a Carrier cooling or heating problem.

Steps to undertake if your Carrier heat pump or air conditioning is not properly cooling.

The Unit not Running.

Examine your unit and ensure that the thermostat operates in the HEAT mode. On most occasions, this is usually the problem. Ensure that the temperature is set slightly higher than your current indoor temperature. Next, check if the furnace power is on.

The unit is not heating adequately.

Your Carrier air conditioner won’t function in a proper manner if the filters are dirty. Buildup on the filters might block the free circulation of air, hence causing the AC to shut down. If you suspect this particular problem, you should examine and see if there are excess buildup which may be preventing your unit from functioning properly. The general rule is that if you are using one-inch thick filters, you should change them after every month. On the other hand, if yours are two-inch filters, then you should change after every two months. This also applies for any other high-capacity pleated filters.

The other problem that may make your system don’t work properly is a blocked return-air grille. Typically, the grilles are found on the ceiling or the wall in a new home. If you are staying in an older home, the return-air grilles may be located on the floor. Ensure that they are not blocked by picture frames, vases or furniture. Also, examine the supply registers and ensure they are open and blowing in enough air.

Ventilator problems.

Before contacting your Carrier air conditioner service, kindly carry out the following.

  • Check for adequate air flow. Examine the air filters and see if they are blocked with particles.
  • Look at the main power disconnect switch. Confirm that your circuit breakers are turned on, also check if the fuses have not blown out. If in any case, you must replace the fuses and reset the breakers, you should only do it once. however if you notice any of these issues the second time, you should immediately call your Carrier air conditioning expert for assistance.

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Additional signs showing you may need a service call.

Your Carrier air conditioning unit turns itself on and off frequently and seems to be struggling to keep up.

You hear the indoor unit fan turning on, but it only emits air which is not cool.

Your summer indoor humidity levels seem to be run typically high. All these are an indication that you need an immediate service.

If you have carefully examined the return-air grilles, the filters plus the Carrier air conditioning’s power system, but still the device cannot cool your entire home correctly, it is definite that you need a Carrier air conditioner service professional for assistance, since you’ve done everything in your power in the DIY category.

Some hot tips on ensuring that your Carrier air conditioner does not lose its cool.

  • Routinely change your air filters. An improperly installed or a clogged air filter can make your unit to work harder, and this may affect its efficiency.
  • You should ensure that you don’t block your ceiling, floor or wall vents. If you didn’t know, even toys, furniture or anything else could block the vents, leading to a reduced air flow. This can minimise the effects of your system, as well as its lifespan.
  • Consider having the ducts insulated or sealed. It has been proven that air leaks might result in energy wastage, and can also overwork your unit, leading to a reduced lifespan.
  • Examine and ensure that your drain system is not clogged with water. Bearing in mind that the air conditioner removes humidity from your house during the cooling season, you will realise if water trickles from the condensate drain of your indoor unit.
  • You should often have a certified, and a qualified air conditioner service technician replaces your filters and remove the indoor coil regularly. When you notice that there are extended operating cycles and decreased efficiency in energy, the coil could be the problem.

The verdict.air conditioning service

By investing a little both of your time and finance in ensuring that your Carrier air conditioner operates at its best performance levels, you enhance your chances of limiting unnecessary energy costs together with expensive repairs. The article has provided you with essential tips for ensuring that your unit stays running. Of course, if you are not up to the task, you can always contact your local Carrier expert to examine your unit.